State’s Best Cuisine

Tampa Bay Florida – Home Of The State’s Best Cuisine

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Florida may be known for many things – it is after all called the Sunshine State. You can expect fantastic weather, some wonderful beaches and some great accommodation overlooking a pristine ocean. You can also expect to play a round of golf on some of the most attractive and challenging courses in the United States.

It is also home to some of the most scenic vistas in the country which are populated bu flora and fauna which are a source of endless fascination for young and old.

But what is less known is that a trip to Tampa in Florida will reveal some of the best restaurants in the state.

The key to enjoying the cuisine of Tampa is to really focus in on what you want to experience. Soft candlelight and fine wines are great – but what if you want something down home and simple. Well the good news is that Tampa has it all.

For instance for a healthy(ish) dose of nostalgia you could do worse than a visit to the Daily Eats Diner. Comfort food at its absolute finest. Old school comfort and vinyl meet quality ingredients. No pretense – just good wholesome food. Get a grilled cheese and a shake – perfect.

For comfort taken to a new level there is always the Cigar City Brewpub. How about a Cuban Sandwich? That’s real food. But don’t be afraid to take a step up and order the Cornish Game Hen with Pepper Honey, or what about Pork Belly with apple puree. If that doesn’t get your taste buds in a frenzy then nothing will.

You want steak – check. You want seafood – check. The the Rusty Pelican is the place that you simply have to be when you are in Tampa. This restaurant started as a simple roadside joint – but quickly gained a cult following.

At the edge of Tampa Bay it offers what many would say would be an excuse for mediocre food – but wonder of wonders it delivers on a promise to provide exceptional fare. Try the Rocky Point Grouper with garden fresh asparagus, or the or the Beggars Salmon in Phylo pastry and stuffed to the brim with crab. For steak lovers there’s also plenty to choose from.

Tampa is a place that will continue to amaze even once to tear your eyes from the magnificent scenery. Sit down and enjoy a bite to eat – you will not be sorry you did.